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Touring Pelindaba Lavender Farm


After our visit to Ruben Tarte State Park we found inspiration to visit the Pelindaba Lavender Farm on Hawthorne Road. We arrived about 5:30 p.m. in the evening on June 29th… the weather was a bit overcast so the photos are not too spectacular. Also the color of the lavender is not quite as purple as it can be a little bit later in the summer. We will make a point to stop back by there again on a sunnier day to snap off some awesome photos.

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Sunken Park is a fun spot for kids in Friday Harbor


Families visiting Friday Harbor will find this sunken park a nice little resource. It makes a great spot for the kids to explore and hang out while the adults get their shopping, dining, and browsing done around town. It’s located right above the Friday Harbor ferry landing on the corner of Harris & B. » Continue reading “Sunken Park is a fun spot for kids in Friday Harbor”

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Aboard the Odyssey: June 28th

06.28.2014 131June 28, 2014

We cannot help but feel so lucky to do what we do on days like today. Blue, sunshine filled skies, and a full SD card of photos of  J pod, harbor porpoise, and bald eagles. What an amazing wildlife month June has been this year. As we approach July and the promise of even better weather, the whole team is excited about what is in store for us this season.

Today, as we traveled south towards Cattle Pass and on up to Eagle Point, Princess Angeline (J17) and her offspring Moby (J44) gave us quite a surprise, surfacing close enough for all on board to witness a beautiful mom/offspring sighting. Mako (J39) also made the trip memorable by breaching near the Odyssey, making for exciting photo moments!

We saw a bald eagle perched on Goose Island in the middle of meal time, and harbor porpoise were spotted all around San Juan Channel. One of those perfect weather and wildlife days. We cannot wait to get back out there tomorrow.

~ Captain Pete, Jerusha (Naturalist), Debbi (Naturalist), and Brittany (Naturalist)


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Visting the Doctors Office Coffee Shop on San Juan Island

This great little coffee shop is located right next to the Friday harbor ferry landing. As with most coffee shops around these days they have free WiFi. The twist here is that they keep their WiFi on 24 hours a day and it is not security protected. So if you have the battery life you can feel free to sit out on their steps and surf the Internet. They have sandwiches, fresh juices, ice cream, wraps, all sorts of caffeinated beverages, postcards, multiple dining tables, an ATM outside, great views of the ferry landing, and great prices. And of course you cannot beat the proximity to the ferry landing. Many local islanders love to use their WiFi connection while waiting in their cars for the ferry. This place has been in business for over 14 years. They also have a nice selection of magazines and secondhand books for sale.

Doctors Office Official Website | Doctors Office on Facebook

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