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July 8th through 14th

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Birds fill the air on the South end of the island.

With each passing month, the beauty of the islands gets a little more apparent. What a fantastic summer we are having so far. Orcas are a frequent sight, and with the beautiful backdrop of the Olympic Mountains in the distance, there’s nothing that can even compare. We had a great second week of July; tons of whale sightings, birds scattered all about the water and shore, and even a couple of sea lion sightings! Those are the days that we love on the Odyssey – wildlife on all sides and beautiful scenery.


A sea lion perches himself on the rocks, soaking up some sun. The seagulls seem less than impressed!


Seals lie on the rocks, performing one of their most important tasks of the day (no, not napping!). Seals must raise their core temperature by lying out in the sun in order to avoid hypothermia.


Various birds can be seen at the South end of the island.


An Orca surfaces along one of the prettiest backdrops we have to offer here in the San Juans – the majestic Olympic Mountains.


Orcas surface all together.


Two orcas jump through the water together.


An orca dives back down into the water.


A bald eagle checks out the view.


Water runs off the orcas’ back.


A salmon jumps out of the water, noticing that the orcas are nearby.


Beautiful Mt. Baker, one of the largest mountains in the Cascade Mountain range, and our beautiful lighthouse.

July 10, 2013 194

An orca spyhops.

July 10, 2013 525

Seals lie in the sun, warming up their core temperatures.

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