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Aboard the Odyssey, July 11th: K13s, J pod, and more!

July 11, 2014

This stretch of beautiful summer weather has been extraordinary! We took off south through San Juan Channel and around Cattle Point, making our way up to Eagle Point. Blue skies all the way!

In the big eagle’s nest near Cape San Juan we caught a glimpse of a bald eagle fledgling. Shortly after we had our first Orca encounter, spotting the K13s and later J pod. J pod was active and playful, lots of surface activity that made for an amazing day of watching. Echo (J42) and one of the larger males, Mike (J26), both stood out today, and the girls, Melisa, Jerusha and Brittany, were eager to share their stories about both.

On our way back in, we saw a Steller Sea Lion on Whale Rocks and snapped some amazing pictures, like the one above. Check out all the highlights from today in our “July: Aboard the Odyssey” highlights album on Facebook.

The forecast says this weather is going to keep it up and keep getting better! We cannot wait to get back on the water tomorrow.

~The SJE Team, Captain Pete, Jerusha (Naturalist), Brittany (Naturalist), and Melisa (Naturalist)


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Friday Harbor Farmers Market

Visitors to San Juan Island and locals of Friday Harbor should not miss the Saturday farmers market. I was pleasantly surprised at the diversity of food, services, and activities available at the Friday Harbor farmers market. » Continue reading “Friday Harbor Farmers Market”

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Friday Harbor movie theater preparing for the 4th of July parade

This photo was taken on the evening of July 3rd 2014. Spending the fourth of July in the San Juan Islands is a family tradition for many Pacific  Northwesterners.
» Continue reading “Friday Harbor movie theater preparing for the 4th of July parade”

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Aboard the Odyssey, July 6th: Residents AND Humpbacks!!!

07.06.2014 101

July 6, 2014

Wow! Yet another fantastic day out on the water, after a brilliant and wildlife rich holiday weekend. The sunshine has stuck around after the 4th, and we took off from the harbor with some minor clouds overhead that were quick to part and cast some awesome sunshine our way.

We caught glimpses of the Mouflan Sheep on Spieden Island and then got our first sighting of the resident Orcas of J pod about an hour into the tour. Then, a wonderful surprise, a Humpback whale surfaced not 20′ from the Odyssey! A double whale species day. Absolutely amazing!

Check out our newest photos in the July 2014 Highlights album on our Facebook page. Photos of the amazing Humpack sighting are on their way!

~ The SJE Team, Captain Pete, Debbi (Naturalist), Jerusha (Naturalist), and Brittany (Naturalist) Humpback 7.6.14

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Stopping for Oysters at Westcott Bay Seafarms

A summer barbecue on San Juan Island would not be complete without fresh oysters. Residents of Friday Harbor and San Juan Island are lucky enough to have this world renowned oyster farm in their backyard.

» Continue reading “Stopping for Oysters at Westcott Bay Seafarms”

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