We’ve got whales! June 13th

The tide was a -3.2 as we left the harbor today. It’s always amazing to see the exposed pilings as you walk down to the Odyssey on these low tides. You could see the white plumose anemones, decorator crabs, barnacles and so much more that are normally under the water, hanging on for the tide to flood in. Today, it was about 12 feet difference between high and low tide! We were asking everyone for positive whale thoughts today as we headed out, it had been a few days since the whales were in our area and word came quickly as we left the dock that Orcas were spotted way north in Canada. We headed in that direction, with the hope that the whales would continue south as we went north. Thankfully, we did meet up in Boundary Pass! We had some of J Pod and 2 members of L pod that travel with J Pod from time to time. One breach that really made our day and lots of traveling behaviors, like speed swimming were enjoyed by all. The sun came out as we cruised along making this a day to remember for so many reasons!
It was especially sweet for the family that came back out on a “rain- check” from yesterday when we had not whales, they made the effort to come back today and it paid off for them!

Debbi, San Juan Excursions Naturalist

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