Transients and a Minke

With the resident orcas traveling quickly and at quite a distance, we were happy to hear that there was a pod of transient orcas close to home! We headed south through San Juan Channel to Cattle Pass, enjoying the overcast but warm afternoon. We first met up with the T75 just north of Cattle Pass, grouped tightly in a resting pattern. As they reached the powerful current of the pass they woke and powered through as we watched and followed them through. As we reached Long Island we spotted a minke whale and had an incredible sighting as it surfaced three times very close to the Odyssey! After spending some quality time with both the minke and the transients, snapping photos of tail slaps and half cartwheels, we made it back to port with smiles on our faces and some amazing wildlife stories. A fantastic trip!

05.08.12 005

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