June 17th-June 23rd

06.19.13 005

A bald eagle sits atop a tree, keeping as close of an eye on us as we are on him!

What a spectacular week filled with all kinds of wildlife! Humpbacks, Minkes, and of course, the Orca whales, all made an appearance, giving us some beautiful photos and a lot of wonderful memories made out on the water. What an incredible summer we’re having here in the San Juan’s, and how neat that we get to share it with our guests, locals, and wildlife alike!


A minke whale breaks the calm water.


You are sure to find an abundance of birds out on the South end of the island!


Obviously ready for his close up, a seal watches the boat before diving back down under the water.


A tufted puffin begins to take off from the water. We usually only catch a glimpse of these little guys about twice a year, so we were lucky to catch him this time around!


A mother and her calf stuck to each other’s sides as we watched them.


A humpback whale dives back down into the smooth water.


We couldn’t tell if we were more excited to see the whale, or the whale was more excited to see us, but they certainly put on quite the spectacle!


A tufted puffin gets ready for take off.


Seals sprawl out on the rocks near the South end of the island.

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