July 6th! The return of L-pod!

The return of L Pod (and at least one member of K Pod) to the Salish Sea!!! A beautiful, sunny day as we cruised to Rosario Strait, navigating through the heart of the San Juan Islands. Reports of heavy fog were sent out from the other boats that were already with the whales. However, once we got on scene, the fog lifted and the viewing conditions were spectacular! The whales were in a resting pattern, grouped up into tight formation. When resting, Orca whales all come up together for a breath, then dive back down simultaneously as well. This is one of the most beautiful sights in the world. Three large groups were traveling south down Rosario Strait towards Deception Pass. After reviewing some of the photos we took aboard the Odyssey, we were able to identify K 21, Cappuccino. Word on the street is that a new baby calf was born into K Pod the night before our sighting! What great news! As we started heading back to Friday Harbor, the whales started to wake up, and we got to see at least three breaches, including a double breach by two members at the same time! What a great day on the water!

Captain Pete

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