J Pod and L Pod members, May 28th

This morning we received reports that there were whales in Rosario Strait.  It turned out to be J Pod and members of L Pod, along with some transients.  The residents apparently surprised the transients and scared them off.  No one saw the transients after that.  We were able to find the resident orcas right outside of Cattle Pass, on the south end of San Juan Island.  The wind was blowing unusually hard for this time of year, so the water was a little bit bouncy.  Our guests were great and handled the weather like old pros.  We had a couple of really nice passes on these orcas.  They were very excited, with lots of activity, including breaches, spy hops and tail lobs.  We even saw a couple of cartwheels!  We left the orcas after a nice time with them and went back in to calmer waters.  On the return trip we saw harbor seals, bald eagles and harbor porpoise.  We had a wonderful trip,  everyone was warm and comfortable aboard the “Odyssey”, despite the not so nice weather.

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