Decisions, Decisions, Decisions June 8th

When faced with the prospect of orcas in multiple places, how do you decide which group to go and see? For those of us at San Juan Excursions it can sometimes be a difficult decision to make. Do you head towards the closest group or the one that seems like it is being the most active? How about Residents versus Transients? Today delivered that conundrum to us, as there were multiple groups of Resident orcas scattered along the southern and western sides of San Juan Island. Ultimately, we headed south and were afforded the opportunity to spend the day with the L12 family which has a new calf this year. Along with them there were sea lions, harbor seals and bald eagles for our guests to marvel at.

So, from all of us out on the water, to all of you looking to watch wildlife, thank you and we will…

See You In The Islands!
~Tristen, Naturalist

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