Change of Plans, May 24th

As we left the dock today, we still had not heard news of any whales in the area.  We set out to look for transients that had been in the area earlier.  We were heading north when we got a call from a fellow captain that we should turn around.  There was a group of transient orcas in Rosario Strait!  We got on scene with the T2s, T120, and T123.  These animals were grouped up nicely and travelling in a tight pack.  We watched them for about 40 minutes before we had to start making our way back to port.  On our way back in Captain Pete thought that he spotted something off the port side of the “Odyssey”.  He slowed the boat and sure enough there was T40, “Captain Hook”  with 2 other whales.  T40 got his nickname because of his dorsal fin that has fell over to one side.  It is always such a good feeling to be the boat that finds the whales!  We watched this group for a little bit before heading back in to Friday Harbor.  Another great tour!

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