Another Great Day Aboard the “Odyssey”

Hello this is Tim, naturalist and first mate aboard the “Odyssey”. Today is 06/15/2010 and we had a wonderful cruise. When I showed up this morning at the docks, the weather was gloomy and wet. As it often does here in Friday Harbor it cleared up nicely for us and we even got a little sun. Today we cruised south from the harbor through Cattle Pass, we arrived at the Eagle Pt./False Bay area. This is where we had our Orca encounter. We were able to positively identify two sub pods in the J-pod family and also a few members of the K-pod family. We were lucky to see some tail lobs and also some great breaching action. Captain Pete was even able to catch one breach on his camera, way to go captain thumbs up to you. After nearly an hour with the killer whales we turned back for home. On our way back home to port we were able to spot a bald eagle pair. We also had a great seal encounter, we saw several seals feeding, also logging at the surface. At one time I counted thirteen seal heads out of the water and looking at us, what a sight! We also had three cute little girls participate in our junior captain program. This is where Captain Pete will let the little ones come up to the wheel house and see the helm and even steer the boat for a while. All in all today we had a great trip and I look forward to Thursday when I get to do this again. Til then this is Tim – Tim

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