A Surprise from members of L Pod, May 27th

We were very excited this morning, as we had heard that J Pod, along with members of L Pod were coming back in from the Pacific Ocean.  As the morning went along, we got word that the whales were close to Vancouver and out of our range.  We thought that we may not be able to see whales today.  So, we set out to search for a different  group that just might be hanging around.  We weren’t 20 minutes off of the dock when we heard that there may be whales on the “West Side” of San Juan Island.  I got on the phone and called the Center for Whale Research and they confirmed the report.  How fortunate for us.  We caught up with these members of L Pod near False Bay, on the south end of San Juan Island.  They were doing alot of long dives, indicating that they were foraging.  After spending time with the orcas, we continued on our journey and ended up circumnavigating the entire island.  What a great day!

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