A marvelous day with J and K Pod

The mist gave way to partially clear skies and calm seas as we headed around San Juan Island to find family groups of J-Pod and reports of K-Pod by Kellet Bluff! The whales had been swimming at a fast pace with the flooding- incoming tide, and the Odyssey made good time as well. J-16 and family slowed down and we were awed by a variety of behaviors; breaches, cartwheels, headstands, and tail lobs! Nineteen year old J-26 (Mike) and fifteen year old J-30 (Ridptide) were showing off their male parts! We also got a glimpse of one of the new calves of either J-28 or sister J-35. The calves white parts will look yellow or orange for the first year or more, it’s thought it’s like jaundice in human babies. As the whales headed north they picked up speed again, porpoising- leaving a wake. We continued around circumnavigating San Juan Island, enjoying views of marine birds, harbor seals, and a nesting pair of eagles tending to this years’ young. A delightful and memorable trip!

Naturalist, Caroline Armon

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