A Great Day in May





We got word that J Pod was south of San Juan Island, so we headed out  through Cattle Pass.  Along the way we saw two bald eagles soaring above the tree line.  There was a lot of current happening in the pass, but the Odyssey cut right through it.  Almost as soon as we got out of the pass, there were the leaders.  J-1 and J-2, as usual, along with J-8.  We let them pass and shortly after, the rest of J Pod passed us by.  They were definitely in travel mode, cruising along at 6 knots.  The new calves looked like they were swimming so fast to keep up!  After letting the whales pass by we went looking for more wildlife.  We found an eagle’s nest on Long Island and although there wasn’t an eagle in the nest, one did land on a nearby tree as we were watching.  On our way back in to Friday Harbor we saw a bunch of harbor seals hauled out on the rocks sunning themselves and there was even a Steller sea lion hanging out on Whale Rocks.  What a great day!  The sun was out, there was lots of wildlife and we didn’t have to go far to find it all.  If every day was like this you wouldn’t hear me complain. Captain Pete



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