2010 Season off to a Great Start

San Juan Excursions’ first trip of the 2010 season was on April 10th.  It turned out to be a great tour.  We got word that there were transient orcas in Rosario Strait!  Great news.  As Captain Pete navigated the “Odyssey” through the San Juan Islands, our Naturalists Russell and Erin kept the guests entertained with stories of the islands and the wildlife that inhabits them.  After the beautiful ride through the heart of the islands we arrived in Rosario Strait and we could start to see the orcas in the distance!  We approached the scene slowly as we were told that there was a lone adult male on his own away from the main group.  We soon spotted him and it turned out to be T14, Pender.  We watched him a little while before moving on to view the main group.  This group was the T87’s and there looked to be about 5 or 6 animals in this group.  From the seagulls circling over the top of the group and diving to the surface of the water, we assumed that the transients had made a kill.  There was lots of surface activity including  rolls and tail slaps.  We watched this group with the beautiful and snow capped Mt. Baker in the back drop.  On our return trip our guests were glad to have the heated indoor cabins to go back into and sip hot chocolate and coffee, as it was a cold and blustery day.  We were able to see two amazing bald eagles and many harbor seals on the ride back to Friday Harbor.  What a great day to start off the season!

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